Desert Brats Racing

Our "Bratty" Family

We currently have over whatever-number members of the Desert Brats Racing' club. We come from all over the West to compete in some of the hottest heats in the desert. Check out our gallery to see our family members in action.

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Our Next Big Event

Our next major event will be something totally awesome in june of 2018. Or when ever... This section would display info of the next major event. Just a small attention hogging summary is all you will need. There would be a link to the main subpage about it.

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Come Join Us

Like what you see? Want to join us? Click here for our facebook page. Or if you really want to dive in, fill out this form. Then either mail it to 3131 E Temp Address Point, Lehi Utah, 84003. or email it to

Desert Brats Racing